Holistic Treatments


Beauty & Holistic Therapy

The multi-award winning Buddha Beauty  range of massage oils  use 100% pure oil, contains no added preservatives or chemicals and best of all, not tested  on animals.

With a choice of aromatherapy  oil  warmed and  rhythmically applied  with massage specialist techniques and Balinese stretches with     lemon infused heated foot compresses are applied. Massages include scalp and facial massage.


Massage Treatments

Special Offer- 90 minute Full Body Massage £55

Relaxing Back Massage 

30 minutes £25

1 hour  (Full Body) £40

Balinese volcanic basalt stones are heated to penetrate 4-5 times deeper into the muscle tissue on back, neck & shoulders or legs. The heat encourages deep relaxation. Both treatment times include face & scalp massage. Full body massage also includes lemon infused heated foot compresses.

Full Body Stone Massage

1 hour £45

Balinese volcanic basalt stones are heated & massaged into the muscles to ease muscle tension, increase blood circulation & boost lymphatic drainage. Various stones are placed on your chakras to help balance the body & unblock energy channels. Includes face & scalp massage & lemon infused heated foot compresses.

Sports Massage including trigger point therapy, PNF stretches and MET

45 minutes (one area) £35

1 hour (two areas)       £45     


Deep Tissue Massage

(both include hot stones on the back)

30 minutes  £25       

1 hour (Full body) £40

Deep tissue techniques, PNF and Balinese stretches to work out areas of tension and knots combined with Swedish massage to enhance relaxation. Full body massage includes: hot stones on the back, lemon unfused heated foot compresses and face & scalp massage.                             

Full Body Bamboo Massage

1 hour £45

Heated bamboo sticks are massaged around the muscles to help tension melt away, increase circulation & encourage lymphatic drainage. Includes face & scalp massage and lemon infused heated foot compresses. Not suitable for elderly or bony clients.



Hopi Ear Candles

45 minutes £30

Cleansing, purifying & healing treatment includes scalp face massage & lymphatic drainage. Excellent for ear & suinus problems & before/after travel.


45 minutes £30

Activating 'reflex' points using pressure & massage techniques, it encourages the body's own healing processes. Heated foot compresses & warm aromatherapy oils are applied.

Indian Head Massage

30 minutes £25

Re-balances energy & leaves you with a blissful feeling of relaxation. Upper body chakra balancing treatment includes massage with warm aromatherapy oil.             


Back Massage (Seated) 30 minutes £25

Relaxing Back Massage 30 minutes £25


Relaxing Full Body Massage 1 hour £40

Back Massage with Reflexology 1 hour  £50

Reflexology 45 minutes £30



Holistic Treatments

Mum-to-Be Treatments

Treatments can only be carried out after the First Trimester of pregnancy and may require GP consent in certain circumstances.

No aromatherapy is used.