Massage & Holistic Therapies

Massage & Holistic Treatments

With over 15 year's industry experience working in salons & spas around the world and on cruise ships, every treatment is a wonderful fusion of massage techniques and ancient healing practices with aromatic essential oils all blended together to provide a tailor made treatment for your health & wellbeing.

Specialist in pre-natal, sports injury, stress management & palliative care. 

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Relaxation Massage

30 Minutes £25

1 Hour  (Full Body) £40

Warm volcanic basalt stones are heated to penetrate 4-5 times deeper into the muscle tissue on back, neck & shoulders or legs. The heat encourages deep relaxation. Both treatment times include face & scalp massage and inhalation bowl blended with essential oils of your choosing. Full body massage also includes lemon infused heated foot compresses.

Deep Tissue Massage

30 Minutes  £25       

1 Hour (Full body) £40

Deep tissue techniques with passive and active stretches are incorporated to work out areas of tension and knots. These deep movements are combined with the power of hot stones and aromatherapy to deliver a therapeutic yet relaxing treatment. Full body massage includes: hot stones on the back, lemon infused heated foot compresses and inhalation bowl.

Full Body Stone Massage

1 Hour £45

Balinese volcanic basalt stones are heated & massaged into the muscles to ease muscle tension, increase blood circulation & boost lymphatic drainage. Various stones are placed on your chakras and underneath the body to help balance the body & unblock energy channels. Includes face & scalp massage, lemon infused heated foot compresses, inhalation bowl and crystal healing.

Sports Massage

45 Minutes (one area) £35

1 Hour (two areas)       £45

Sports Massage including trigger point therapy, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF), passive & active stretches and muscle energy techniques (MET) are applied with hot stones.

 Ultrasound Therapy

10-20 Minutes £10-£15

Used to reduce inflammation & tissue swelling and boost the circulatory and lymphatic system. This therapy helps to reduce pain and can benefit injury and chronic illness.

Infrared Therapy

5-15 Minutes £5-£10

Applied to reduce pain, muscle tension and protect against oxidative stress, this light based therapy can also improverelaxation, circulation & detoxification,  this treatment penetrates deep through the layers of the skin, to the muscles and bones.

Full Body Bamboo Massage

1 Hour £45

Warm bamboo sticks are massaged and rolled around the body to help melt muscle tension away, increase circulation & encourage lymphatic drainage. Includes face & scalp massage, inhalation bowl and lemon infused heated foot compresses. Not suitable for elderly or bony clients.

Mum-to-Be Treatments

Subject to the consultation and GP consent (if required), specialist pre-natal treatments can be enjoyed by Mum and baby after the first trimester right through pregnancy, with the added benefit of-

- Increasing blood flow and relax the muscles which help to relieve aches and pains.

- Increasing lymphatic drainage thereby flushing out waste, toxins, and water which results in reduced swelling.

- Reducing stress, depression and anxiety for Mum and sooth and calm baby.

- Massage easing pain and reducing anxiety in the first stage of labour.

Relaxing Back Massage

30 Minutes £25

Seated on a chair or lying down, rhythmical massage techniques are applied with specially blended oil to the back, neck & shoulders to sooth nerves, relieve a strained back and tired muscles. Acupressure face & scalp massage brings this heavenly half an hour to a close.

Rest & Renew Body Massage

1Hour £40

Enjoy a full hour cosy and cushioned with adapted pillows and support and massage movements encouraging the body to naturally restore its own healthy balance and promote bonding and relaxation.


45 Minutes £30

Nurture you and your baby and relieve aches, pains, swollen ankles, tiredness and anxiety with more than just a 'foot rub.' Triggering the healing process and working on the energy pathways in the body through reflex points in the feet, lie back and enjoy this relaxing and soothing treatment.

Top to Toe Combo

1 Hour £50

Restore a sense of equilibrium- soothing aches & pains of the body and calming the mind with this combination of back massage and reflexology.

Holistic Therapy

Hopi Ear Candling

45 Minutes £30

Cleansing, purifying & healing treatment includes scalp face acupressure massage & lymphatic drainage. Excellent for ear & sinus problems & before/after travel.

Indian Head Massage 

30 Minutes  £25       

This aromatic re-balancing chakra treatment leaves you with a blissful feeling of relaxation and revived energy. Warm aromatherapy oils are massaged onto the face, scalp, neck, shoulders and upper arms. Do not bother to wash your hair before or straight after your appointment for maximum enjoyment. 

Samsára Specials


45 Minutes £30

By activating 'reflex' points using pressure & massage techniques, it encourages the body's own healing processes, unblock energy pathways and regain its natural balance and support the healing of issues affecting conception. Heated foot compresses & warm aromatherapy oils are applied for complete wellness and relaxation.